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FOLBR Highway Cleanup 25 Sept 2010

The date for the Fall FOLBR Highway Cleanup is Saturday morning September 25 at 9AM.

Please meet at the intersection of Highway 9 and Ute Park Road (the road to Acorn Creek Trailhead).

Please wear orange, or something bright for visibility, gloves, comfortable shoes, and an appetite for doughnuts and OJ (provided at the meeting spot). Everything else (bags, instructions, etc.) provided.

Please let me know if you can help us out. Thanks in advance.
Lynn Amstutz

FOLBR held Annual Meeting on Aug 7, 2010

On Aug 7, 2010, we had our Annual Meeting. This year the meeting was held at the Columbine Ranch. Sam Kirk, FOLBR President, kicked off the meeting.

23 June 2010 – White River NF to Prepare Forest-Wide Oil and Gas Leasing Env Impact Statement

White River National Forest is seeking comments on proposed changes to their oil and gas leasing decisions.  The comment period closes July 30th.
The proposed action includes the following:

Changing the 1993 leasing decision to identify 266,599 acres as administratively available for oil and gas leasing

Attaching No Surface Occupancy including NSO tipulations for inventoried roadless areas, significant habitats and watersheds, controlled surface use and timing limitation, lease stipulations, where needed on future leases, for the purpose of prtecting other resources.

Changing the 1993 decision to identify 1,159,796 acres as closed for oil and gas leasing through managemetn direction.

Changing the 1993 decision to identify 857,512 acres as legally closed for oil and gas leasing.

Amending the 2002 WRNF Plan to incorporate the new leasing decision.

Since this is a very complex issue, it may help to obtain information from other groups who may have studied this issue in more detail. These groups are: Trout Unlimited, Colorado Wild, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Colorado Native Plant Society, Wilderness Workshop.
Please address comments no later than July 30 to: White River National Forest Scoping, PO Box 1919, Sacramento, CA 95812 or email comments to: Comments should include name, address, tel number, organization represented, if any, title of the document( White River NF Oil and Gas Leasing eis and 3 specific facts and supporting reasons for the responsible Offficial to consider.