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Working to keep the real Colorado in the Lower Blue River Valley – a unique and special place for future generations, for all Coloradans.

The Lower Blue River Valley – Where Less is More

The Lower Blue River Valley, like all of Colorado, is being pressured by development as agriculture, economics and populations change. We are working to protect the environmental quality of the Lower Blue River Valley that has historically characterized this unique part of Summit County.


FOLBR is a volunteer group of dues paying Summit County Residents, property owners and other interested parties who share a concern for maintaining the rural character, quality of life and the environment of the Lower Blue River Valley

The group functions as a constructive forum on issues important to the Valley through education, communication and member participation.

Summit county is often known only for ski and summer resorts. However, there is another part of Summit County where the real Colorado still lives: the Lower Blue River Valley, a spectacular place. Cradled by the rugged Gore Range on one side and the Williams Fork Mountains on the other, the beautiful Blue River meanders down the valley. The valley includes unspoiled National Forest and Wilderness as well as private ranching.

Some of these ranches remain with their original families today. Fortunately, a few have now protected land through private and government efforts. Conservation easements, open space purchases and land trades have helped maintain the original character of the Lower Blue River Valley. But, more still needs to be done to avoid widespread development from overtaking our valley.

FOLBR’s key values and concerns are:

    -Helping to maintain a reasonable approach to land use, including development, agriculture, open space and wildlife issues, while recognizing private property rights.

    -Addressing interests such as transportation (especially pressure on Route 9) recreation, emergency services, fire protection and water matters.

    -Working closely with the Lower Blue Planning Commission and voicing our positions to the Summit County Board of County Commissioners and local media.

    -Working closely with citizen groups, the US Forest Service, BLM and concerned individuals.

    -Gathering and dissemination information on studies, pending decisions and key issues of concern for members of FOLBR.

Please join us in this important work
CONTACT Executive Director, Marty Richardson Marty@folbr.org

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